10 Bath time Activities for a Sensory Seeker

bath tub sensory seeking child

Living with a child that is a sensory seeker is a non-stop thrill ride.   What is a sensory seeker? Understood.org offers an explanation. “There are two ways kids with sensory processing issues respond to sensory input. When kids underreact to sensory input, they may seek out more input.. When kids overreact, they become overwhelmed […]

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A Brown Noise Sleep Solution

A Brown Noise Sleep Solution What the heck is brown noise?Well, it is white noise but better. Playing brown noise in a CD player makes a good low cost background noise for bedtime. What is Brown Noise? Here is a good explanation at soundofsleep.com “White noise, probably the most familiar of these, sounds like a […]

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We’re fostering!

foster parents early intervention

Becoming Foster Parents It has always been in my heart to be a foster parent. I can’t explain it other than it is a calling from God. When my husband and I got married, we talked about doing that “one day,” but life happened. We started to inquire about the application process, then decided to […]

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