Tips for Giving a Wiggly Toddler a “Little Boy Haircut” Part 1

Haircut Tips for Little Boys part 1

Origin of the “little boy haircut”

I have been giving my boys and husband haircuts for years to save money. There was some internet self-education to feel comfortable with giving my little boys haircuts, but it wasn’t long before I mastered one particular haircut style. We don’t know what it is officially called, but I call it the “little boy haircut.” It’s the only one I know how to do. I can leave it long, or I can cut it shorter. However, I can’t really do anything else.

Problem: tantrum prone toddler needed a haircut

When our foster son lived with us, he arrived with a short buzz cut. After a few weeks, it got bushy. I knew I was either going to have to take him somewhere to cut it or cut it myself. Because of his behavior challenges, a trip to the salon or barber would not end well. I decided to try it myself.

Well, it turns out I CAN do my “little boy haircut” even on a wiggly toddler! Here are my tips for giving a haircut to a little boy who has behavior challenges and prone to tantrums.

How to give a wiggly toddler a basic “little boy haircut”

Disclaimer: I am NOT a hair dresser. I am just a mom that started giving home-made hair cuts to my boys to save money. These are just the tips I have learned through trial and error for a more pleasant experience, not necessarily a better haircut.

If you prefer not to do it yourself, check out these 35 Cute Toddler Boy Haircuts at  

TIP 1 Take your time.

Plan on it taking a huge chunk of time. Do not be in a hurry. Let that sink in. This is going to take some time.

TIP 2 Use kid scissors

Use children’s not-too sharp blunt tip school scissors because… boys wiggle. I don’t care how much better the haircut is with sharp scissors. I will use the dull ones thank you very much. The dull scissors adds a certain amount of flair to the “little boy haircut.”

TIP 3 Cut dry hair

If you aren’t trained. (I am NOT trained.) The dry hair makes it easier to see in real time what your snips are looking like.

TIP 4 Distract that boy

Distraction! Have toys he loves. Markers, candy, bubbles…exciting toys he doesn’t normally have access to.

TIP 5 Get your snips in and out

Make small quick cuts less than perfect as opposed to taking time for a perfect slow snip.

REMINDER: This article does not apply to moms that expect perfection. You are going to need to examine your heart and be honest. If you are not able to let imperfections go in the name of progress and peace, then this entire article–nay, website–is not for you!!!! The “little boy haircut” is all about overlooking the flaws.

TIP 6 Take care of the itching.

The itching is REAL. Vacuum or brush off the hair frequently because hair is totally itchy. Make taking care of the itchy hair a priority. I think the itchy hair is what triggered our little man’s meltdowns.

If you are not using a bath or outside hose play, consider a vacuum hose attachment to keep the hair from going all over the place. You read that right.

TIP 7 Break time

Take breaks! Think of it like 3 small “little boy haircuts” rather than one big “little boy haircut.”

TIP 8 Bath

Try bath time routine if your little boy loves baths. For sure plan to take a bath after the cut because, see TIP 6. You can let hair fall into the tub if you use a hair catcher on the drain.

TIP 9 Treat each snip like it might be your last.

Once the hair cut has begun, consider each snip like it may be your last. If things start to get difficult, you are going to want to give up and try again later.

TIP 10 End on a high note.

Each time you do a haircut try to end the haircut BEFORE your little man looses his mind and has a tantrum. If you can end it on a positive note, you will get less push back and resistance from your little man for the next time.



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