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Becoming Foster Parents

It has always been in my heart to be a foster parent. I can’t explain it other than it is a calling from God. When my husband and I got married, we talked about doing that “one day,” but life happened. We started to inquire about the application process, then decided to wait until we moved into a bigger house. Then I got a job that was so stressful and demanding on my time that there was no possible way I could give anymore to anyone.

I left that job. I found a sort of balance between working and “mom-ing.” That’s right. I used “mom” as a verb. I started to feel better.

Fast forward…

We are certified therapeutic foster parents, and we currently have not one, but two foster children in our home under the age of 3. National Foster Parent Association is a website I haven’t explored yet, but I skimmed it and it looks amazing. Foster parent college? Yes, please!

I am experiencing being the parent of a child with a disability. I am experiencing having a teenager and a toddler at the same time. I am experiencing the tantrums, the horrible stinky diapers. (I forgot how bad poop smells when it isn’t being flushed down the toilet.) We are looking for lost sippy cups, packing diaper bags, driving to therapy appointments, paying for day care, can’t go out past bedtime– parents of toddlers. This is a roller coaster of an adventure to say the least.

God’s Love

I am also experiencing the warm embrace of a church family rallying to support us as we minister to these babies and their parents. I’m also watching a family reunite after a traumatic life event. I’m experiencing so much love and support from those who are cheering us on along the way.

Plenty to write about

Intervention stories to look forward to include…
Protecting children from themselves on the internet.
The time out mat. It’s not what you think.
The color clip chart for big sis and lil sis.
Creating personal space in shared rooms.
The brown noise solution.
The garbage can that transformed the minivan.
Pantry moths: the reminder that now is a good time to declutter the pantry.
The trick to getting the little one OUT of my bed.
Changing the environment to improve compliance without losing my mind AKA the “food goes at the table” battle
Picture choices for beverages
Mirrors; they work. seriously we need more kid friendly mirrors in our lives.
I need a roomba.
Happy Planner makes me so happy.
Organizing my stuff with Lisa cheering me on.
Getting Things Done organized my mind.


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