Resources for Early Intervention Resources for the special instructor

Resources for Early Intervention and Special Instruction

Some of my go-to websites for inspiration and fresh ideas!

DEC home page and DEC position statement on Special Instruction

This article is the gold standard for defining what my job is. I find that reading it over once in a while keeps me focused on best practices. Working in the real world with a variety of professionals who all have different opinions about what “the right way” is… I can veer off course. The DEC has great publications too, including a professional journal.  I’ve been to one of their annual conferences, too. It was amazing!

Zero to Three  – Zero to Three publishes an amazing professional journal that I fondly remember referencing in many a research paper in grad school. They also have resources for professionals and parents to guide you in best practices.

NAEYC – Affectionately pronounced by some “Nay-see,” these guys wrote the book on Developmentally Appropriate Practice. Literally. I have the textbook. It was required reading in college. Also, they are the ones that certify child care centers on a national level. I have had the pleasure of working for a child care center as it was undergoing renewal. Those guidelines are tight. They too have a professional journal available as a member. Select articles are available for free too.

All Things Early Intervention’s “What is Special Instruction?” This is my own four-part series based on the DEC position statement, “What is Special Intervention?”

Parent Center Hub is a parent-friendly explanation of Early Intervention topics. As well as training materials based on the Federal Guidelines of IDEA. It includes resources on a variety of SPED topics, not just EI.

http://Virginia’s EI Strategies for Success  One of my favorite EI blogs. You don’t have to be from Virginia to appreciate the content.

Easter Seals Children Services

Do you have a favorite resource?

Books I’ve Read and Found Helpful

July 20, 2015

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